When I'm asked how Five Senses Tastings came to be, it's hard to pinpoint just one moment – a flash of genius, if you will – that brought the company to life. I did, however, feel a calling to create a space that asks people to engage experience the stories of their lives more fully and purposefully, that harnesses the power of music and of our senses to communicate deeply and live profoundly.

Playing Cherubino in Mozart's Le nozze di Figaro with Diva Opera in Cap Ferrat, France.

As an opera singer, I played a wide range of characters on stage – from a teenage boy to an Egyptian queen – and I loved every moment of it (favorite costume: Hänsel's wool overalls. Favorite hair: Nefertiti's dreadlocks). If I could do this on stage, I wondered, could I perhaps do it in real life as well?

Could I take the concept off the stage and into other people's lives?

An early sketch of what I hoped to achieve with the concept of music tasting.


Music – or rather the specificity of sound, its production and its evolution into music – was my life but more and more I realized that, outside in the real world, music was almost always relegated to the background. It was non-specific, often distracting, almost always annoying.

This is when the idea started to take shape, and I decided to try something new. Flipping the idea that music should remain in the background, decided to bring it to the forefront of our events: 

Music is where we would begin.

Guitarist Andrés Vadin, Founder and Soprano Kala Maxym, Pianist Tali Tadmor, and violinist Mary Keating at V Wine Room in West Hollywood.


I'd heard enough people say they "hate opera" or "couldn't stand country" enough times to make me wonder whether we could ask our guests to sample or "taste" the music. By presenting selections from a wide variety of different genres, guests wouldn't have to commit to an entire evening of just one type of music.

Together with my increasing love and appreciation for wine, these elements, thoughts, and visions began to come together and became the concept on which this company is founded: music tasting.

That's how Five Senses Tastings – a name that did come to me in a flash – was born.

Taste the music.™

“The evening was inspiring and took us on an enchanted journey with each piece. A truly exquisite experience.”
— Erin Sirko, Client Experience Manager, Diane von Furstenberg