We're headed to Oakland this weekend!

Though I've been in LA now almost seven months (yeah, ok, so it's not very long, is it?) every day still seems like a day of firsts for me!

Today: my first walk around Hollywood Lake, my first poll clerking class (alright, not specific to LA but work with me here), and my first trip to the Magic Castle tonight. Another first is right around the corner for us here at Five Senses Tastings.

Chromatic Jukebox.jpg

This weekend, I'm headed up to Oakland, CA to be present at the Oakland Symphony Gala for whom I've been doing consulting work as they prepare for their biggest event of the year. This year their theme is: "Chromatic: All the Shades of Oakland," and the evening will feature jazz, big band, and classical selections from all five arms of the Oakland Symphony, all the way from the professional Oakland Symphony to the students of our elementary school MUSE Orchestra.

We're so honored to have been asked to share in this momentous occasion and can't wait to get chromatic with our friends up north!