Indulge your senses this Holiday season with an exclusive music and wine tasting event

No time of the year is more about sensory indulgence – in every sense of the word – than the Holiday season.


This year Five Senses Tastings partners with LAWineFest to bring all your senses together in an immersive, innovative, full-sensory experience in your home or business.

LAWineFest President Sara Fisher Chapin and Five Senses Tastings Founder and Chief Event Composer Kala Maxym creatively meld Holiday tunes and stories from around the world with carefully selected wine – or cocktail – pairings and accompanying nibbles and sweet treats. It’s all the things we love the most curated in a way that is meaningful to you. 

Five Senses Tastings presented a music and wine tasting at Héritage Fine Wines in Beverly Hills.

Our events are a fun and powerful way to deliver a memorable experience to your hard-working colleagues and employees, to differentiate your business for special clients and investors, or to end the year on a high note!


For a flat fee of just $2,500 Five Senses Tastings and our partner, LAWineFest, will provide a three-course music, wine, and food tasting for up to 25 people in your home, office, or designated public venue.

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