A Pairing inspired by the Sun

String Quartets Op. 20, "The Sun" by Joseph Haydn
"Here comes the sun" by The Beatles
"Morning Mood" from Peer Gynt, Op. 23 by Edvard Grieg

Our musical selections for this week's pairing are inspired by the same thing that inspires our winemakers of the week: the sun. Listen carefully to how each composer and songwriter creates their own unique melodic and harmonic identity for our bright, warm star!


Don't take it from me. Take it from wine guru Jancis Robinson, who told listeners of the Splendid Table podcast during their Thanksgiving episode that her favorite grape is Riesling. This week we're hanging out with the 2015 Dry Riesling from Solminer in Los Olivos. As with many of our pairings, it's the winemaker's story that we want to highlight through our musical choices. We can't really tell it any better than they, so, here is David and Anna deLaski's story. Pick up or order a couple bottles of this amazing wine for your Thanksgiving dinner!

"Sol-miner as in mining the "Sun" which in turn nourishes the soul. The name inspires us to discover and unearth the treasures in the soils of the California Central Coast... We have a feeling of connectedness as each trip around the sun gives us the chance to experience the magical process of exchange from the dirt, plants, fruit, wine, humans, sky, moon, sun and stars."


Inspired to try something new as my holiday party treat this year, I fell upon this recipe from Delish for Brie and Cranberry bites. I'll admit I could have done better with the presentation, but they sure are, sorry for the pun, delish!

And what a perfect pairing with the Riesling! It's super fruity and floral on the nose, and the tangy citrus mixed with stone fruit give you a clean, refreshing finish on the palate that really balance out the saltiness of the warm, melted Brie.