Starting our countdown to our favorite pairing of 2017!


As this year comes to a close (wait... whaaaa? How did that happen?!?!), we wanted to highlight some of our favorite pairings from this past year.

Our first is from our "American Mosaic" program that we performed just a few weeks ago in New York City. Our two musical selections, "O mio babbino caro" from Puccini's Gianni Schicchi and "Life is beautiful" from the movie of the same name are familiar to us all, and we felt that each played to a particular role in the pairing. Their tasting partners were the Sonoma County 2012 Bucklin Ancient Field Blend from the Vinfluence portfolio, Sottocenere al tartufo from Murray's Cheese, and Dutch Dark from Honey Mama's (soy, gluten, dairy, and grain free, I'll have you know!)


We were so taken by Will's – the winemaker – story, particularly his dedication to walking his vineyards every day and addressing the vines individually... as if they had their own personality. Our first musical selection has the protagonist, Lauretta, cutting through the cacophony of the rest of the opera to address her father very quietly one-on-one. "Life is beautiful," on the other hand, reflects the rustic quality of this wine.


Sottocenere al tartufo is one of my all-time favorite cheeses. It's way up there on the flavor meter yet paired wonderfully with the dark, ripe fruit flavors in our wine. The Dutch Dark gave an extra flavor kick at the end of the pairing.


Definitely one of the highlights of our 2017 pairings!