A trio of yummyness!

This week, we're exploring a trio of beautiful female songs and voices to mirror the trio of wines in this delicious red blend from Turkey: the 2013 Pamukkale Anfora Trio, which is a blend of Kalecik Karasi, Shiraz, and Cabernet.

First up is Erik Satie's absolutely sensuous song, "Je te veux" – I want you. This version by the amazing Jessye Norman! Make sure you're alone (or with the right someone) when listening to "Chanson d'O" by Françoise Hardy. From her 11th album, La question, this song is sparsely orchestrated and sung without words... though no less devoid of feeling. We round off this pairing with a soft version of a jazz classic, "Smile," by songstress, Madeleine Peyroux. 


In case you haven't tried wines from Turkey before, please do yourself a favor and get stuck in. There are some real treasures to be found! This powerful complex red uses Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon as supporting acts for the local Turkish Kalecik Karasi grape. As Turkey’s premium red variety, it is renowned for its rich colour and red fruit and cocoa flavours. From vineyards high on the limestone-rich Guney Plateau, this red does not spend any time in oak and revels in its own complexity, much like the three pieces we're "tasting" this week.

Notes for the wine adapted from notes on TasteTurkey.net


I've never been much of a milk chocolate fan myself, so this 80% dark from Jacques Torres is right up my alley (though probably about as bitter as I can go)! If it's a little much for you, feel free to go for a lower cocoa content but I wouldn't recommend heading much below 70%. Enjoy and Şerefe!