A raucous gypsy song, a GSM, a triple-cream cheese, and raw honey chocolate...mmmmm

I'm just going to go ahead and say it: Carmen is the most seductive woman in opera. Period. 
She is also the subject of this week's pairing. You probably know the "Habanera" and the "Séguidille" but you might not have heard Carmen's third act aria, "Les tringles des sistres tintaient," a raucous gypsy song that practically explodes with energy. It's three verses perfectly mirror the three wines in this blend. To my mind, there is simply no more intoxicating version of this piece than that sung by Maria Callas.


The 2013 Latta Latta GSM was introduced to us by Vinfluence founder, Shannon Westfall, and we are presenting this wine – in fact this entire pairing – at our event tonight in New York City. Garnet in color, it has mineral, savory, and bright cherry aromatics from the Grenache, a deep meaty bramble quality from the Syrah, and an earthy wildness from the Mourvèdre. 




You've probably seen Delice de Bourgogne in one of our previous pairings, and it's because it simply goes with everything (well not everything but kind of everything). You can find it easily at Trader Joe's and other grocery stores but it's still unknown enough to blow the minds of your guests when you hand them this pairing. Right off the bat, it's a triple-cream so... definitely for the faint of heart, or flavor. Eat this for breakfast or dessert and when not paired with this red blend, try it with sparkling wine. The bubbles will cut right through that rich creaminess on the palate! If this is a little much for you, try a Swiss Comté.


Treat yourself to the sublime! Honey Mama’s chocolate bars are raw honey-sweetened cocoa treats made from five nutrient-rich ingredients. Each bar has a base of raw honey and virgin coconut oil, with the addition of cocoa powder, Himalayan pink salt, and either sprouted almonds OR shredded coconut. That’s it! The Lavender Rose Chocolate is elevated with heavenly lavender essential oil and topped with elegant rose petals. Divine! Oh, and it's also nut-free!