The obsession with all things Spanish continues...

One of my favorite things is discovering new artists and new music. I mean, that is sort of one of the main points of the business, amiright? This week, I stumbled across Reina del Cid. Every Sunday she publishes a new video to her YouTube channel in the spirit of staying close and intimate with her followers. Love this! Soft and sultry, it's also powerful and, while we're at it, completely in tune! Check out "Slip slide on by," a Valerie June cover.


If you think about Spanish wine, you think of Rioja, right? Or maybe AlbariƱo if you like white. But who's heard of Verdejo? It's one of my increasingly favorite grapes out of my beloved Spain, located in the Rueda region. I'm sorry, where? Situated on the flat high plains just south of the city of Valladolid, it's no surprise you've not heard of or visited it as few outsiders find this on their travel itinerary. The region produces some really exciting wines, however, and we wanted to draw your attention to it. This week, we tried the 2014 Finca Montepedroso Verdejo, available for about $16. To be honest, it fell a bit flat on my palate, couldn't quite figure out what I was tasting... until I paired it with food. 

A grilled salmon steak and some grilled artichokes (an often neglected vegetable in my opinion) with some garlic-lemon-butter sauce brought this wine to life for me. The salmon acquires a lovely sweetness on the grill as do the artichokes, and the lemon brings out the fruitiness of the wine that might otherwise get a bit lost in the ... dare we call it... flabby finish.

What do YOU think of this pairing?