Our only Argentinian Malbec of the year... could it really be?

“El día que me quieras” by Carlos Gardel
“Depuis le jour” from Louise by Gustave Charpentier
“Libertango” by Astor Piazzolla
Santa Julia Malbec 2015, Argentina
Valrhona, Alpaco 66%, single origin, Ecuador


Flash back to Valentine's Day 2017 at the gorgeous D'Vine Lounge Bar in downtown Los Angeles. Our third course of the evening introduced an Argentinian Malbec. Could it be – gasp! – the only Argentinian Malbec we've served ... all year long

"El día que me quieras” (“The day you love me”) is one of Carlos Gardel's most famous tunes. Here we taste one of the most eloquent expressions of Argentine sentimentality you will ever find. Just as Carlos (né Charles) was born in France, so was the Malbec grape, and it is to their home country that we turn for our one and only sojourn into opera this evening.


Taste the rich, seductive quality of the rolled chords in Depuis le jour that provide a foundation for the soaring vocal line and mirror the rich, seductive dark berry, chocolate, and mocha flavors in this wine.

Our final selection, Libertango, indicates a shift in style in Piazzolla’s writing from classical tango to tango uevo, much as the Malbec grape shifts in personality and profile from its origins in France to its new home in South America. 

Taste how the violin and accordion exchange rhythmic and melodic lines with the piano as you take in the many and varied aromas and flavors in the wine and its accompanying chocolate from Valrhona!