Meet the #badass women of Five Senses Tastings' next event!

Since moving to Los Angeles, I've become much more woo-woo, you know, granola. I'm accepting the fact that hard work – alone – isn't the only way to achieve what you want, and am learning to believe that the Universe has your back even when you can't quite see how. Even then you have to trust it. If last week wasn't a confirmation of that, I don't know what is. 

Last week was all about timing and coincidences, and I'd like to take a moment to introduce you to two of them. But first, let's just give this lovely, talented lady a big shout out. Berklee grad and fellow LA newbie Jacquelyn Schreiber has now played in four of our events, is playing again for us on March 9th at the CLIC Conference, and will be with us for our Women's History Month event, "The Playful Palate" on Sunday March 26th at V Wine Room for another two shows. Jacquelyn is one of the most reliable, fun-loving, creative, and lightning-fast learners I have ever met. I love having Jacquelyn with us, and so excited she was available to join us for this event. What's most exciting for her, I'm sure, is the launch of her new EP, "Beautiful Love," now available on iTunes. Congratulations, Jacquelyn!! SO happy for you!

So... you know that area of your messages on Facebook that you never see if you don't officially know the person and maybe seven months later you finally see it and sheepishly respond to make sure the person knows you're not a totally awful human who was ignoring you? Yep, that's what happened with violinist Lacy Rostyak. I got that sheepish message about two weeks ago. What Lacy didn't know was that I had recently seen a video of her playing THE most amazing Celtic fiddle and was desperate to have her on our program. A few hasty messages back and forth about how sorry she was and how happy I was, and there you have it. Done! So excited to have Lacy with us!

Lois is one of the very first people I met in LA. Only a month into my life here, I was asked to sing at CSUN on a concert of music by Hollywood film composer, John Debney. I happened to sit next to Lois and her lovely daughter, Jenny, throughout the rehearsal and performance process and of course, being that it's Los Angeles, we actually talked to one another! She told me about her life session singing (a completely new concept to me at the time) and how she had sung on tracks for Friends and Splash (hands up, those for whom this isn't on their Top 10 list, please!), and I told her how I'd just left a salary-paying job to start working on Five Senses Tastings full-time. We were in touch a bit after the event but never met up, and I supposed I might bump into her again by accident but probably just never see her again. And then, she just called! Like actually picked up the phone (after not having lost my business card) and C-A-L-L-E-D! She was curious to know if I might need someone to perform on my upcoming events. At the time I hadn't picked all the repertoire yet but as I chatted with her and told her my thoughts on including songs by Tina Turner, Joni Mitchell, Janis Joplin, etc, it became clear that this was the program for Lois. And again, DONE! Can't wait to have Lois on our program March 26th at V Wine Room!

And our fourth artist? Blablabla, it's me. Y'all know me, and if you don't, go here to learn a bit more about me. That's enough!