I had a thoroughly unplugged weekend this weekend, and it felt amazing. I slowed down, walked (strolled even), spent longer than normal on each bite of food, stood and LOOKED at the ocean rather than passing it by, left my phone at home and didn't listen to anything except the world and people around me. 

Then it was today – Monday. First thing I saw this morning was the "Revel-Reflect-Recharge" weekly email, in which the author mentioned the following:

"Acknowledging your senses is a quick way to become attentive to the present moment - what is meant by being mindful. To create a mindful pause whenever the need arises focus for a few minutes on what you can hear, and then on what you can feel on or in various parts of the body (the chest breathing, airflow over the skin, ambient temperature, minor aches and pains, feet on the floor, even itching sensations...), and then on what you can smell and/or taste. Lastly focus your sight on a few things around you both far and near, and really see them (particularly helpful when your eyes have become screen-weary)."

What a beautiful reminder that, even amidst the chaos, we can always find a minute or two just to BE in ourselves. Focusing on all our senses is the way to ground ourselves in that moment of being.