Why you should care about my blog

I'm too proud to admit that I didn't really want to start a blog. Look at me... don't I look terrified? Having to come up with new things to say all the time seemed panic-inducing at best.

However, I quickly (ok, maybe not really so quickly) realized that what blogging actually is is simply expressing on "paper" what runs through my head every single minute of every single day. What is that?

A total and all-consuming passion to engage our senses to experience life to the fullest. 

Since moving to California, I have found myself stopping to smell the roses (quite literally: my neighborhood is full of them, especially as they're in season now) or watching the entirety of a sunset even more than I ever used to.

I listen more carefully to the birds outside my window, I sometimes sit on my couch for long stretches of time and simply look at the art work on my wall or feel the softness of my kitty's fur against my leg. Not that I didn't do those things before but running a business that is entirely based on the specificity of triggering our senses and creating experiences that people will hopefully remember for month and years to come has heightened my own awareness of what is going on in the world around me.

Why should you care what I'm writing about? You certainly don't have to, and I won't love you any less if you don't read my drivel, but I hope that you will consider how you "sense" your way through a given day and perhaps come back to learn a bit about the music, wine, cheese, and chocolate that we feature in our posts so that you, too, can begin to live a more sensually purposeful life. 

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