We'll be in the Bay Area in August!

We're super duper excited to have been asked to present a music tasting at the divine Domenico Winery in San Carlos, CA, up in the Bay Area. We've been so busy here in LA but we're always looking to make new friends and take our events to new places!


Our event will showcase a new format: guests will be blindfolded as they "taste" a piece of music. No food, no wine, no other senses triggered, just their sense of sound. When the piece is complete, they will be served their wine and food pairing and the blindfold will, of course, be removed. After a few minutes, the piece will resume and be played a second time. This time all five senses are being triggered together. After the conclusion of the second playing guests will be encouraged to discuss their experiences. Did they "taste" the music any differently the second time? Did the food taste any different on its own or when the music was playing? Did any sense jump to life (or decide to hide) in this experience?

The event, "Experience Domenico: A Full-Sensory Journey through Italian-American Culture," will take place on Saturday August 5th from 7-10 pm at Domenico Winery. Tickets will be available for purchase soon! 

Taste the musicâ„¢!