We're featured in VoyageLA!


This has been quite a month! It seems just yesterday we were talking to Business Rockstars and now we're featured in VoyageLA!


Sometimes it seems like a dream but what I've learned over the last year especially is that our stories matter. Not just the stories of the Bill Gates and Steve Jobs-es of the world, but us little folk. Our stories matter, too, and believe it or not, that's what everyone turns to first. The "About" page is always the first place I go. Isn't it the same for you?

Our stories form the backbone of our lives and influence the decisions we make, the priorities we set for ourselves and the goals we pursue throughout our lives. Next time you meet someone, try leading with a question like: "So what's the most wonderful/inspiring/challenging thing you did this week?" And then sit back and listen to their story.

Thank you, VoyageLA, for allowing us to share ours!