Light, bright, and white for Labor Day!

We're not really going to spend time debating whether you can or can't wear white after Labor Day, are we?
Good, cuz we really don't wanna.

Instead we thought we'd share our tips for getting through the Labor Day weekend with summery sounds and delicious treats that minimize opportunities to stain your pristine white clothing.


If you saw the title of this email and immediately turned on the Beatles' "White Album" (this version unplugged) or "Knights in White Satin" by the Moody Blues, you're right in sync with us. Who could help but immediately think of these iconic songs!

For those of you with little ones heading back to school, they will soon arrive home with a classmate in tow exclaiming "We're going to be friends." And, for those of you needing something a little more soothing, bask in the sounds of "Summer" from Vivaldi's Four Seasons.


As we start to say farewell to summer, it seemed only right to allow theTintoretto to make an appearance.

A twist on the more traditional Bellini (you might remember it from last week's pairing), the Tintoretto substitutes pomegranate juice for peach nectar and is added to Prosecco or other sparkling wine.

This adds a touch of tartness and, depending on how much you add, creates a rainbow of color from a light summer-sunset color to rich, ruby red (watch those whites!!).




Sweet Treats
This week, it's DOUBLE sweet treats as we pair lemon-lime cupcakesand vanilla meringues with our music and wine selections! For a crisp sweetness that will cut through the bubbles in your drink, the meringue is just perfect. If you're looking to pair to the tartness of the pomegranate juice, the cupcake makes the perfect companion.

ENJOY the long weekend, friends, and Happy Labor Day!!