A slightly weird and somewhat impossible pairing for Easter πŸ‡

Easter is a big deal in so many parts of the world. Amazing music has been written throughout the ages in celebration of this time, and good food and drink are never far away either. This Pairing Note allowed me to indulge my love for the Renaissance choral tradition. I've still to meet the person who doesn't – even if secretly – totally love this music.

"Haec Dies" by William Byrd
2016 Sparkling Blush by Tessa Marie
Sirecz (Easter Cheese)

Haec Dies.jpeg

I have loved early music for as long as I can remember (probably since singing in the Canterbury Cathedral choir as a young girl), and the Kings' Singers are among the best in the world at this very difficult, intricate, and highly exposed musical style. Enjoy this short piece, β€œHaec Dies,” - written specifically for Easter - and then please go discover more William Byrd and Thomas Tallis on your own. Whether you're celebrating the religious side of Easter this weekend or not (trust me, I ain't judging), this music will keep you company.

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Ok, so don’t hate me but we have a problem: you can't actually get this wine anymore... it's aaaaalll gone! But I had to get in one last hurrah for this very special winemaker before she goes into retirement, and we can no longer enjoy her beautiful wine art. This 2016 Sparking rosΓ© blush is nothing shy of transcendental, and we will miss it! greatly RosΓ©s are great for Easter meals (they go with so many things!) and bonus, it's actually starting to warm up here in LA so you can bet they're going to start flying off the shelves.


I always love learning something new and this week is no different. It seems that Easter cheeses are all the rage Eastern Europe. This week we're featuring Sirecz, Easter Cheese from Slovakia. You can find a recipe to try it at home here. It is in some ways more akin to a custard than a traditional "cheese" as we know it and therefore should pair nicely with a nice dry rosΓ©. Let us know if you try this out yourself!