So... what's the deal with all the opera music at your events?

Kala Maxym stands in front of the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City


On this lovely #musicmonday, I want to share a bit about the question I get asked about the most: why does Five Senses Tastings use only opera music in our events. The answer is: we don’t! 

Our company‘s mission is precisely to broaden people’s awareness about different types and styles of music, wine, and food while we engage all of their senses in a meaningful and purposeful manner. To that end, we have a wide variety of music at our events: classical, jazz, tango, opera, classic rock, country, rock 'n' roll, country-rock, folk, blues, flamenco... But remember that everything is presented live so a Dixie Chicks song may not have an electric guitar, and an opera aria might be performed by a guitar and a cello. That is the amazing versatility of our events and of our musicians as they work to bring a new flavor to the music we perform

Of course, I do still love opera very much, and it’s always a thrill to be in one of the most hallowed venues for the art form in the entire world. In April I had the opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall, but of course no trip to New York City is complete without a drive-.... I mean walk-by of the Metropolitan Opera House

Here's a little video that I did in response to my #AMA feed questions all about opera. Enjoy!