The Composed Cocktail with Jim Beam

This, and all excellent photos below, by  OC Event Photography .

This, and all excellent photos below, by OC Event Photography.

To say a dream came true this past week is an understatement!

Kala Maxym & Prairie Rose of Song & Tonic

People used to ask me if I only worked with wine or if I also did pairings with cocktails. I would reply, “Yes I DO, but I HAVEN’T yet.” Well, that all changed when my partner, Prairie Rose of Bit by a Fox, and I co-founded and launched the cocktail branch of the business, called Song & Tonic. We had presented our concept in a couple different locations, with Feastly in Venice and Rowan Lofts in Downtown LA among others, and worked with wonderful brands such as The Spirit Guild and Hundred Miles LA.

Megan Breier speaks at a Song & Tonic event in Los Angeles at the Edmon

I had the pleasure of meeting Megan Breier, Jim Beam’s Brand Ambassador in LA, on a couple previous occasions, and from the moment she heard about our concept, she was intrigued. As we all know, lots of people have to make lots of decisions to make things happen, but Megan continued to support the idea of Song & Tonic as a brand event, and we were able to come together for an epic celebration of 85 years since the repeal of Prohibition on December 5th, 2018.

The location could not have been more perfect: the beautiful and historic Edmon Hotel in Hollywood (on the corner of Western and Melrose, in case you’re wondering and their bar area was absolutely divine. See what I mean?

Edmon Bar Song & Tonic event with Jim Beam

Our program spanned from the 1890s and Ragtime through country songs of today, back to 1930s jazz and Fred Astaire’s last song. The program is too long to copy and paste here but we invite you to check out the script from our event which you can read and download here.

Jim Beam Repeat Batch and Song & Tonic

Kala Maxym