Exploring the life of Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta, a luxury fashion house known for sumptuous colors and fabrics, and innovative designs, knew they needed to raise the bar for their Beverly Hills sample sale event so they invited Five Senses Tastings to create a full-sensory tasting experience for 150 guests during a four-hour event on Monday April 1st at 260LA. Not your average April Fool’s trick, we’d say!

We wanted to bring not just the fashion but the man behind the brand to life so we created three tasting stations that highlighted three parts of Oscar de la Renta's life:

Dominican Republic
Madrid, Spain to Paris, France
New York City to Beverly Hills

Our tasting stations followed him through his journeys from his homeland over to Europe (where he spent a good deal of his life) and finally back to Beverly Hills. Please take a moment to look at the pairings below and learn more about this remarkable man and his work over many decades.

Oscar de la Renta was born and raised in the Dominican Republic
Oscar de la Renta spent a good deal of time in Madrid and Paris
And here we are in Beverly Hills with Oscar de la Renta's beautiful fashion designs

Our full menu was:

Dominican Republic

Dominican Milk Fudge
Spoonfuls of Dulce de Leche (a treat enjoyed throughout Central and South America, where Oscar also spent a good deal of time)

Madrid - Paris

We really wanted to focus on Oscar’s time in Spain and so we paired both a traditional and chocolate turrón (nougat with almonds).

Beverly Hills

For this course, we wanted to showcase something really local and so we partnered with Teuscher Chocolates who supplied their delicious wares for our event.

We presented three different sparkling wine drinks: sparkling wine on its own, sparkling wine with peace nectar and sparkling wine with pomegranate juice. We wanted the colors to mimic a Caribbean sunset, an element that we further reflected by placing several different colors of gourmet gummy bears from Tuesday’s Sweet Shop in champagne flutes around the tables.

We absolutely love working with fashion brands, customizing a tasting journey for their customers and clients. Please feel free to email us with any questions about how we can serve you!

Full tasting table at Oscar de la Renta Sample Sale
Kala Maxym