Amplify your senses!


Last night we presented a music and wine tasting for a few ladies from The Amplify Collective "Coterie," the exclusive membership-group at a beautiful loft in Downtown LA. As an Ambassador for the Boisset Collection, I was super excited to introduce the ladies to our Classic Tasting Experience: Wattle Creek 2015 Viognier, Alexander Valley, Buena Vista 2014 Chardonnay, Sonoma, 2014 JCB N° 12 Pinot Noir, Sonoma, DeLoach 2014 Curated Collection Malbec, Central Coast, and Raymond 2014 JC's Picks Cabernet Sauvignon, North Coast.

We tried something a little different musically this time as well. We used pre-recorded music instead of live music as it simply wasn't feasible to bring musicians into this home for the event.

Co-founders Bri Seeley and Thaïs Sky were the consummate hostesses, and we loved every minute of our Amplifed full-sensory tasting!