Rutherford on New Year's Eve!

Not surprisingly, ever since I’ve started spending more time in California, I’ve of course started drinking more California wines.  Californians are a bit snooty about their wine and according to a this article published by wine app, Vivino, Californians overwhelmingly drink their own wines above all others, including varietals such as Malbec, a varietal that is typically attributed to Argentina as one of their best exports.  

I've always wanted to become more acquainted with French wines and decided to pick one up for New Year’s Eve.  However, while coming home late that night, there weren’t too many stores still open in my neighborhood, and so I came home with the Rutherford Hill Barrel Select Napa Valley Red from 2011. Made from 69% Merlot, 10% Syrah, 7% Petit Verdot, 7% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 7% Malbec, this wine was a real treat.  Bordeaux style wines thrive in the Napa Valley where warm days and cool nights are the norm, and this one certainly didn't disappoint!

The Cabernet Sauvignon grape doesn’t figure as much in this bottle, though it is the dominant (and most consumed) grape in California and the addition of the Merlot deepens and softens the flavors.  The wine is round and luscious, and the few sips we had leftover the next day were just as delicious!