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Sauvignon Blanc

Our vote is for João Gilberto’s debut album “Chega de Saudade," which belongs to the bossa nova genre of music. 


Brazilian bossa nova evokes the brightness and youthfulness of the delicious Sauvignon Blanc grape. The term actually translates to “new trend,” and though it’s unlikely to unseat Chardonnay as the most popular grape in the U.S., it enjoys a very trendy existence today. João Gilberto’s debut album is often credited with being the first bossa nova album. The swaying feeling of this genre, as opposed to the swing of jazz, is a delightful companion to the crisp and refreshing quality of this grape. Try this combination on a porch swing or at a summer garden party!

Countries producing: France, Chile, New Zealand, United States
Typical flavor profile: Dry, crisp and refreshing, light-bodied, somewhat aromatic
Emotional descriptors: Fun-loving, bright, jovial, crowd-pleaser
Cheese/Food: Crostini with goat cheese (try Humboldt Fog) and cherry tomatoes. Fish and seafood are also good options.
Sweet treat: Butterscotch bites dipped in milk chocolate

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