Is La vie always en rose?

We recently had the great privilege of offering a music tasting to celebrate the impending nuptials of beautiful bride, Victoria, and handsome groom, Phi. The couple had known each other a long time before they became involved romantically, and it was such a treat to hear them gush about each other as we learned more about their love story and began working on the pairings. Here is one of the tastings we offered on the bridal shower program:

Music selection: “La vie en rose” by Edith Piaf
Wine selection: Tintoretto
Cheese: Delice de Bourgogne

Vicky and Phi met way back in middle school, and both shared such touching details of how their love has evolved over the past seven years. With this music, wine, and cheese pairing, we wanted to pay tribute to the early years of their love story. “La vie en rose” touches us with its beautiful lyrics and enticing melody. “And when you speak, angels sing from above. Everyday words seem to turn into love songs. Give your heart and soul to me, and life will always be la vie en rose” the singer sings. The tintoretto (pomegranate juice mixed with champagne resulting in a rose colored drink) represents the sparkle of their early romance: Phi told us that after a party junior year in college, he said to Vicky: “I don’t know if you noticed but I’m crazy about you. Will you be my girlfriend?” The Delice de Bourgogne is a perfect cheese pairing here, offsetting the bubbles with a creaminess symbolizing the rich and steadfast love they share now.