Non-profit and Corporate Event Consulting

We've all been to those events where everything looks – and sounds and tastes – pretty much exactly like every other event we attended.

Perhaps the band is different from last year, the table cloths are blue instead of red, it's poached instead of baked salmon, or this time the featured red wine is a Pinot instead of a Merlot!

That's all well and good but what if your guests could deepen their experience with your event or your cause even more?

Five Senses Tastings can help set your event apart by engaging your guests' senses throughout the night. We bring your event – whether corporate, non-profit, or even private – to life by combining all the elements of the evening into your unique and personal story.

We'll help you choose the music, wine, and food choices that illuminate your story and make sure your guests experience their night with you in the most profound way possible. Services start at $500.

Contact Us to learn about creating an unforgettable tasting event for your company or non-profit organization.