The Art & Science of Creating Event Harmony

Composing special events requires the conscious pairing of both science and art.
Five Senses Tastings weaves together a narrative that is guided by live music and enhanced by flavor, providing deep meaning and leaving guests with a story of their own to tell.


First, we need to establish the RHYTHM of our story. We will:

- Uncover the story
- Define special event elements
- Develop timelines
- Set parameters

Then we'll explore the DYNAMICS of the event and guests:

- Who are the attendees?
- What relationships are in the room?
- What do we ultimately want attendees to experience?


Next we will compose the MELODY for your event by:

- Choosing the right notes of your story and for the event
- Selecting music to tell the event’s tale
- Creating the narrative from beginning to end

Finally, we create the HARMONY that guests will take home with them by collaborating with:

- The Host(s)
- Sommeliers, Professional Chefs, and other flavor artists
- World-class professional musicians





The art and science behind life's most cherished moments.

We are delighted to offer music and wine tasting events in Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, Riverside, and Santa Barbara Counties as well as in other locations, by request.

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