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The Composed Cocktail with Jim Beam (through Song & Tonic)

The Composed Cocktail with Jim Beam and Song & Tonic

A perfectly composed cocktail, like composing a piece of music, is an art.  Finding balance, highlighting specific notes and creating a harmonious product can produce a full-sensory experience.  Using instruments to showcase the role each ingredient plays within a cocktail, we will walk through American Whiskey history with Jim Beam, live music, and perfectly composed cocktails. The event will take place at The Edmon, a stunning Hollywood Historic Hotel.

This event is open to those in the hospitality and food & beverage industries only. If you are interested in attending, please kindly click here to RSVP.

Megan Breier

Megan Breier

We’re so excited to be working with Megan Breier, Jim Beam’s West Coast Brand Ambassador for this event.

Our musicians are vocalist Kate Bass, pianist Jacquelyn Schreiber, upright bassist and electric guitarist, Lelah Simon, and drummer Ana Barreiro.