Kala Maxym

Founder/Chief Event Composer


“Art - in all its forms - has the singular capacity to transform us, make us take a little extra time for thought, and allow us the space we need to find peace.” - Kala Maxym

You might wonder how a background in politics and the federal government, professional opera singing, gemstones, and technology would lead me to a life of music, wine tasting, cheese, chocolate, and the creation of Five Senses Tastings. Well, I guess it's because each one of these experiences made me realize that, no matter what we do, stories are at the heart of who we are and how we connect with one another.


My mission is to compose experiences that allow guests to engage fully with their senses and to experience the stories of their lives more purposefully. Harnessing the profound and mysterious power of music and of the five senses, Five Senses Tastings creates more than just memorable experiences, but deep connections and intense memories.

Our events – known as music tastings – combine the age-old art of storytelling with the science of taste, smell, and sound to create custom-blended experiences, enticing guests to explore the deeper meaning of the event, occasion, or person they are celebrating. Music is brought to the foreground in our full-sensory events, bringing each flavor element to life with vibrant specificity and meaning.

Playing Cherubino in Mozart's Le nozze di Figaro in Cap Ferrat, France.

The rather circuitous journey in music, the arts, government (yes, I did have a secret clearance once!), nonprofits, gemology, startups, and more fueled my creative energies and allowed me the opportunity to live a broad range of experiences in a myriad of different places.

I live and love to share in my clients' stories and create new experiences and cherished moments for them.

Five Senses Tastings has been thriving in Los Angeles telling stories for corporate, non-profit, luxury, and private clients since 2016.

Kala, you were amazing! Thank you for guiding us through such a beautifully curated, magical experience. I’ve never been to anything quite like it!
— Jenna B. Guest at Private Tasting Event in Los Angeles