Telling your story through all five senses

Music, Wine, Cheese, and Chocolate

Pianist Jacquelyn Schreiber plays at a recent event in West Hollywood

Pianist Jacquelyn Schreiber plays at a recent event in West Hollywood

At Five Senses Tastings, we believe that all moments in life are more thoroughly and joyfully experienced when all five senses are engaged.

So we took a familiar concept — tasting — and gave it a modern twist.

We ask our guests to "taste" with their ears, and then with all their five senses, as we take them on a multi-sensory journey of live music, wine, cheese, and chocolate.  




Whether you are celebrating a once-in-a-lifetime moment in your personal life, organizing an elegant corporate soirée or donor event, or hosting an intimate social gathering, Five Senses Tastings will create a unique music tasting menu to tell your story and enthrall all your senses!

Actively engaging and specifically triggering all our senses heightens our experience of an event and creates lasting memories. In our music tastings, we simply start with the sense that we tend to forget to remember: our sense of sound.

Music is always presented live and spans a wide variety of genres including Jazz, Classical, Tango, Opera, Flamenco, Country, Rock (and Country-Rock!), Broadway, Folk, Blues, Zarzuela, and more!

We are delighted to offer music and wine tasting events in Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, Riverside, and Santa Barbara Counties as well as in other locations, by request.

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Taste the music.

“Research is showing that today’s buyers believe that experiences are the new bling. According to Luxury Daily, “Luxury’s shift to experiences as a domain of personal identity, cultural capital, and social currency has been noticed.” Brands, meetings, and events are adjusting to this phenomenon.”
— From "The Event, Meeting, and Trade Show Industry Is Booming Now — Are You Ready to Grow With It?" published in Medium, October 16, 2016