Five Senses Tastings will help you create a magical and deeply personal experience for your prospective buyers. By adding personal touches around the house through the use of live musicians, and the purposeful selection of small bites and wine, your guests will feel like they're walking not into a house, but into their future home.

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Here are the services with which we can help you:

Staging Video: particularly helpful for newer builds, Five Senses Tastings will add personality, elegance, and intrigue to your staging video using musicians placed throughout the home. They will perform selections from a variety of genres to bring the home to life. Food and wine will be staged also to allow prospects to see their house as a place of community and entertainment.

Broker’s open house: Five Senses Tastings will curate a soundscape for the home during a broker's open house event. We will create a menu of sounds and tastes that bring out the essence and personality of the home, decor, and surroundings. Each person who walks through the door will immediately engage their senses in the experience of being in this unique home. 

Housewarming: Once a home has been sold, you may purchase Five Senses Tastings housewarming “tasting” as a gift for your clients. Our event will tell the new owners’ unique story through music, wine, and food for up to 40 people.

Corporate event: Five Senses Tastings will create a music, wine, cheese, and chocolate tasting event for your team, whether for a seasonal or holiday event, to commemorate a special occasion or individual, or to celebrate a big win!


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“We can recommend Five Senses without hesitation. They turn a regular party into an event.”
— Max D., Senior Regional Executive Manager of Sales, Douglas Elliman