SciArt Experience Consulting creates story-driven immersive activations rooted in the art and science of sensory exploration that move your audience from brand awareness to brand intimacy.

We offer two paths for our sensory adventures. Which will you choose?


Science Apparent events allow science to take center stage in the form of demonstrations, wisdom-laden mini-orations, and hands-on interactive, full-sensory experimentations.


Science Unseen events use the power of biology and psychology to expand and deepen the guest’s sensory experience, but is invisible to guests, by design.  

Both roads are paved in golden cobblestones of auditory and palate-pleasing artistry that will bring your product and story to vibrant life.

So how does it work?

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We transform your vision into an event that is much more than a party. We compose a truly immersive experience by going beyond visual engagement and incorporating all the five senses in a carefully crafted symphony of visceral enjoyment.

Focus your energy


Stories, fueled by sensory engagement, are scientifically proven to create lasting memories. Using the unique stories of your brand as a foundation, our events move your customers from brand awareness to brand intimacy.


Want a customer for life? Make them feel something! Through the application of biological and psychological research, SciArt designs fully customized sensory ecosystems to maximize your brand story and customer engagement.


What is Brand Intimacy?

More and more, people are looking for deep and purposeful connections with the brands and organizations they interact with, not just free drinks tickets and fancy small bites.

SciArt can satiate your guests' desire both for good food and drink and true connection, engaging them in a meaningful, visceral connection with your brand that moves far beyond familiarity to deep intimacy. Our activations are perfect for small audiences of 10 all the way up to large groups of 500.

Kala Maxym

Kala Maxym

The Artist

Kala Maxym is the Founder and Chief Event Composer of Five Senses Tastings, a boutique special events company that brings the five senses into meaningful and purposeful harmony with one another through the careful pairing of live music, wine, food, and sweet treats. As a classically trained opera singer who has performed across the United States and abroad , Kala devotes her unique combination of talents to invite her guests to “taste the music” as they switch off the noise of the outside world and switch on the vibrant energy of their five senses.

Kala’s luxury, culture, and lifestyle clients include Adobe, Oscar de la Renta, Jim Beam, Diane von Furstenberg, Douglas Elliman, Jo Malone, the Goethe Institute, Taste of the Nation, and many more.

Mary Poffenroth

Mary Poffenroth

The Scientist

Mary Poffenroth is a media psychologist, immersive innovation specialist and STEM faculty for San Jose State University. She is a certified LEGO® Serious Play® facilitator and an active contributor to Science magazine, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and TED. Mary helps to turn chaos into clarity by advising growth-driven individuals and organizations on how to use science and the power of play to transform their relationship with fear, increase creativity, improve strategic decision making and cultivate more authentic communications.

Mary’s work as a speaker and writer has been featured in leading publications and conferences such as Forbes, Science, Entrepreneur, SXSW, Stanford University, and TEDx London.

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