Song & Tonic French 75

At the start of the tasting, we break down three cocktails, revealing their separate components.

We then pair each ingredient with an instrument, harmony, or melody from the featured song presented by live musicians.

As we mix, shake & stir, musicians play melodies and sounds that emulate the ingredients - their origin and their role within the cocktail - and explore their relation to the full piece of music.

As the ingredients are layered one upon the other, so are the instruments. Guests enjoy a full cocktail and listen as the complete song comes together in perfect harmony.

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Song & Tonic – Music with a twist.


Song & Tonic mixes classic songs with classic cocktails
Guests enjoying a Song & Tonic event with Jim Beam
Our cocktails are customized to tell your story
Live musicians perform at a Song & Tonic event in Venice, CA

By deconstructing both song and cocktail, we are able to explore each part independently and then, when in a heightened sensory state, fully appreciate the completed song and cocktail as all the pieces finally come together in harmony.

The Song & Tonic story is told by way of taste and sound. Guests are led on a journey through the composition of both a cocktail and a song to culminate in a full performance of the musical selection and a cocktail.

We bring you a tasting experience truly unlike any other.


Co-Founders Kala Maxym of  Five Senses Tastings  and Prairie Rose of  Bit by a Fox .

Co-Founders Kala Maxym of Five Senses Tastings and Prairie Rose of Bit by a Fox.

Kala Maxym, Co-Founder

Kala Maxym is the Founder of Five Senses Tastings, a boutique special events company that elevates guests’ sensory experiences through the purposeful and meaningful engagement of their five senses. Partnering with world-class musicians, chefs, sommeliers, chocolatiers, and other flavor artists, she composes full-sensory events that weave together a diverse and global narrative guided by live music and enhanced by flavor. Clients include Adobe, Oscar de la Renta, Diane von Furstenberg, Jo Malone, Taste of the Nation, Douglas Elliman, the Oakland Symphony, Domenico and Europa Village Wineries, and the League of Women Voters, among many others. She is WSET Level II certified, a California Wine Appellation Specialist, and a professional classical, opera, and jazz singer.

Prairie Rose, Co-Founder

Founder & Editor of Bit by a Fox and winner of Saveur Magazine's Readers’ Choice Award, Prairie Rose is a cocktail & spirits writer, events producer, and brand consultant. She recently launched the Bit by a Fox podcast, which covers drinking culture, the art of imbibing, and the stories behind the booze. Prairie employs her background in magazine marketing and corporate events to conceptualize and produce high level brand events, creating signature cocktails specially aligned to brand image and voice. As a brand marketer, blogger and social media influencer, she understands the importance of social media marketing in the events space, creating social media buzz beforehand and hashtags & social media presence during and immediately following an event. Brand event clients include: Twitter,, Bailey's Irish Cream, Barefoot Bubbly, SweetGreen, The Row DTLA.

Kala and Praire’s Song & Tonic event was the perfect choice for our social event. The cocktails were terrific and the musicians were amazing. It was so cool to connect live instruments with the unique components of the cocktails. Highly recommend.
— Ryan M., Private Client