Most food and wine events go to great lengths to explore sight, smell, taste, and even to an extent, touch. However, music is often included as is an unspecific afterthought or relegated to background noise.

By intelligently bringing sound, specifically music, into the forefront of an experience, we build a bridge to a completely immersive experience.

Targeted for high-end event planners and hospitality professionals working on the cutting edge of event design, our talks are geared toward showcasing new levels of engagement.


Amplify The Experience:
Layering Music, Food, and Wine

The Extraordinary Gathering:
Combining Fun, Friendship, and the Five Senses

The Art of Event Storytelling
Using the Five Senses to engage in life’s special moments


Please send us an email to discuss how our talks can inspire your guests or employees to think about how to engage their senses in their work and in their life.


“I attended a Five Senses Tastings event expecting a rather standard set of good wine and cheese pairings. What I experienced, however, was something truly unique. The amazing musical performances and the insightful descriptions of the pairings were spectacular.”
— Daniel M., Guest at Public Event