What our clients and guests are saying...

“The Five Senses Tastings event was sensational, leaving guests feeling overjoyed and vibrant. Kala and her team performed phenomenally, both capturing the essence of the Jo Malone London brand and the spirit of a harmonious balance between the senses. We look forward to our continued relationship with Kala as we encourage future collaborations.”
— Vanessa K, Store Manager, Jo Malone London Beverly Hills
“Five Senses Tastings definitely presented a memorable event. With the beautiful food, amazing music, and unforgettable story line, they brought our “Palazzo” collection to life in a new and alluring way! Our six focus pieces were explored through every sense, and you could deeply feel the story behind each vignette. The evening was inspiring and took us on an enchanted journey with each piece. A truly exquisite experience.”
— Erin S., Client Experience Manager, Diane von Furstenberg
“Such a unique experience! First time hosting this type of event, which did not disappoint. Kala and her team were amazing! Everything was perfect and my guests were beyond happy with this incredible musical experience.”
— Yesika L-G, Director of Catering and Sales, Europa Village Winery
“Kala and the team of Five Senses Tastings are pretty amazing! I worked with Kala on a professional capacity to host a fundraiser celebrating Women’s History Month. From the first meeting, Kala was easy to work with and had an extraordinary vision. She planned all aspects of the event perfectly, from the music to the chocolates! It is the research and time she dedicates to each tasting that makes everything flow so well. I highly recommend working with Kala and her team. Education + music + wine + chocolates = happy guests.”
— Marilu G., Executive Director, League of Women Voters of Los Angeles
“Working with Kala was a joy. She took on the challenge to do something that had never been done before in a retail space. As a result, our customers had a fantastic experience, many were teleported to a new world by engaging all of their physical senses. “
— Ama A., Store Manager, Jigsaw London in Santa Monica
“We recently partnered with Kala and Five Senses Tastings for an educational wine tasting event, and she surpassed every expectation! Prior to the event, she was very hands-on in helping us organize the evening, joining us in scoping the venue and working directly with venue and the evening’s speaker to ensure that everything ran smoothly.

During the event, she was truly the star! She taught the group about music and wine pairings and then brought it to life with her beautiful voice! For a truly unique perspective on music and wine, you really should seek out an event with Kala and Five Senses Tastings.”
— Tracie M., Secretary of Women for WineSense Los Angeles
“Kala’s deep knowledge of food, wine, and music was put to the test as we created a concept for our event. We worked to create five pairings that represented the five branches of our organization and of Oakland. We found one personal story for each program and Kala thoughtfully wrote the copy for each story - integrating it with an incredibly curated menu and wine pairing. The concept resonated strongly with our patrons, many of whom made a point of telling us that this was the best Gala we’ve ever had. The palpable “good vibes” also resulted in our surpassing our fundraising goals for the event. We couldn’t recommend Five Senses Tastings and Kala’s passion and expertise more.”
— Lyz L., Special Projects Manager, Oakland Symphony
“Five Senses Tastings’ pairings of wine, cheese, and chocolate were the perfect complement to our Opera Viva fundraising event. Kala’s selections, presentation, and creative introductions made for a one-of-a kind evening of music and delectable delights!”
— Lisa S., Private Client, Pasadena, CA
“Kala masterfully pairs stunning and interesting music played by live musicians with various wines, spirits, chocolates, and cheeses for a true feast for the senses. The amount of care she takes with her pairings is astounding, and you truly feel carried away to some other world by all of the amazing sensory stimulation.”
— Lauren H., Guest at Private Event
“We hired Kala and her team at Five Senses Tastings to provide ambiance at on open house for a duplex apartment we were selling. They met and exceeded our expectations by providing creative music selections for the wine and cheese event with musicians playing on both levels of the apartment. Kala even threw in a solo at the end of the evening, which was icing on the cake! We can recommend Five Senses without hesitation. They turn a regular party into an event.”
— Max D., Senior Regional Executive Manager of Sales, Douglas Elliman
“Kala created a sensational music tasting for my bridal shower. Not only the music, but every wine, cheese, and chocolate she selected had a very special meaning and symbolized something about my love story. Kala so eloquently introduced each song and the meaning behind each pairing. She really has a talent and passion for storytelling. It was a very moving and unforgettable experience for me, my family, and friends. I highly recommend Five Senses Tastings for any special event!”
— Vicky L, Private Client, Tustin, CA (Bridal shower)
“Kala, you were amazing! Thank you for guiding us through such a beautifully curated, magical experience. I’ve never been to anything quite like it!”
— Jenna A., Guest at private event, Los Angeles, CA
“What a unique experience and so different from any other wine tasting event that I have ever been to. Kala not only pairs the wine with certain cheeses and chocolates, but takes it to the next level by also pairing the wine with various styles of music performed live. Her own background in opera and her connections with other outstanding musicians brings only the best to any event you may be hosting. Or, if you have your own music or are introducing a new recording artist or band, her exceptional taste in wine pairing with cheese and chocolate only elevates the musical experience. It was incredible!”
— Pam F., Private client, Pacific Palisades, CA
“I attended a Five Senses Tastings event expecting a rather standard set of good wine and cheese pairings. What I experienced, however, was something truly unique. The amazing musical performances and the insightful descriptions of the pairings were spectacular. I left the event not only with a better understanding of each of the region’s music, wine, cheese, and chocolate but also having experienced —dare I say, tasted, felt and lived—-the unique aspects of several countries and cultures in one evening. It was the best and most vivid international tour I’ve been on that did not require a pat-down from the TSA!”
— Danny M., Guest at public event, New York, NY
“It was a pleasure to play in the Five Senses Tastings show on Valentine’s Day. Kala and Jean-Baptiste turned D’Vine Lounge Bar into a romantic performance space that was comfortable for the guests as well as the musicians. I’m glad there was enough wine and chocolate left over for me to taste—the pairings were delicious.”
— David C, Five Senses Tastings Roster Artist
“Kala is the consummate hostess and ensures that the evening is executed to perfection, while at the same time providing the warm, welcoming atmosphere of an intimate party.”
— Christina G., Guest at Private Event
“We were so impressed by the quality of the performances and Five Senses Tastings was so thoughtful in their choices.”
— Carol O., Private client, New York, NY
“My evening with Five Senses Tastings was a wonderfully transportive experience. The artful pairing of food and drink layered with masterful musicianship filled me with memories from childhood; this, all while integrating the evocative patterns of Diane von Furstenburg, transformed the night from a casual outing into an extraordinary gathering with good friends. Five Senses Tastings uses an incredibly unique approach that will heighten the senses and take any celebration to a new level. Thank you Five Senses for a beautiful and unforgettable night. I loved it!”
— Tory F., Guest at public event, Los Angeles, CA
“Five Senses Tastings ... musical performances are riveting and enchanting... My senses all riffed on each other, transporting me into a swoon of earthly delight!”
— Jennifer G., Guest at public event, New York, NY
“My first “music tasting” experience with Five Senses Tastings was wonderful! Kala and her team created an environment that allowed guests to focus on the beautiful arts of life, such as great music, warm ambiance, and sophisticated wine, cheese, and chocolate pairings. It was a real pleasure attending this event!”
— Krishna D., Guest at public event, New York, NY
“I love music, wine, cheese and chocolate, but the opportunity to enjoy all these elements at such a high quality was a rare treat for me. I also appreciated Five Senses Tastings’ creative approach to combining the “elements” according to theme. I really look forward to the next Five Senses Tastings event!”
— Rachel A., Guest at public event, New York, NY
“We hosted an intimate wine and music tasting with Five Senses Tastings recently and it was amazing! Wine tasting in itself is always a fun night, but the added layer of experiencing the tastes of the wine with the sounds of the music was a brilliant new sensation that we are eager to dive more into! Kala’s knowledge of both wine and music was extraordinary. Our women walked away with happy hearts, light souls, and red stained lips while humming their new favorite tunes.”
— Bri S., Private client, Los Angeles, CA
“What a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. I would do it again in a NY minute!”
— Amanda L., Guest at public event
“What a delightful evening it is to enjoy with an intimate group of friends, good food, and great wine! And for icing on the cake, a delightful private concert! With music that ranges from Cole Porter to Mozart, it was truly an amazing evening! Kala and her talented group of musicians infused food, fellowship, friendship into a most special and educational evening that was good for the soul!”
— Grace P., Private client, Pacific Palisades, CA