What do your wines sound like?

Barrels outside the beautiful wine cave at Europa Village Winery in Temecula, CA

Five Senses Tastings curates fully customized musical wine tastings – known as music tastings.

Our full-sensory music tastings are specifically crafted to introduce your wines to loyal fans and new friends on a multi-sensory level. 

In essence, we create a musical identity for your wines!

Guitarist Jeff Pekarek plays at a recent music tasting in Temecula, CA.



How does it work?

As each of your wines takes the stage, Five Senses Tastings musicians perform music from a wide variety of genres to complement the distinctive personalities and flavors of your wine.

Your winemaker or sommelier is a crucial part of the event, and we will consult with him/her extensively to select our music and food choices.

Your guests will leave with a heightened appreciation and sensual understanding of your wines.



You don't need to wait for a new vintage or varietal to create a memorable experience. Consider a quarterly music tasting to keep your audience engaged with your diverse portfolio of wines and always wanting more!

Music Tasting Cards

We're pleased to introduce our Music Tasting Cards where we will craft a musical identity for the wines you ship out to your club members. We'll pair 1-3 musical selections – again, from a wide variety of musical genres – to bring your wines to life and engage your customers.

Please enjoy a short video about what our musical wine tastings are all about.

Please Contact Us to learn more about how we can create a unique and personalized experience for your winery, wine bar, restaurant, or hotel. 

Taste the music.