Experience the flavors, history, and sounds of some of
America’s most iconic whiskeys.

Experience a beautiful, entertaining, and educational whiskey tasting with our cocktail branch, Song & Tonic. Offered both live and in a virtual setting, our creative whiskey and cocktail tastings are an exquisite way to entertain your friends and colleagues or engage your employees in a fun team-building activity.

Our country was founded on whiskey. In our “Journey through American Whiskey History,” guests will experience the sounds, smells, and tastes of some of America’s most iconic whiskeys. Each whiskey will be paired with a song that brings its essence and personality to the foreground while exploring pivotal moments in the history of American whiskey-making.

Treat your team, clients, summer associates, and customers to a true education of the marvelous and intimate relationship between American culture and the spirit of whiskey.

Whiskey or cocktail kits will be sent to each guest for our virtual events. On event day, we’ll gather together for a one-hour virtual cocktail experience.

Ready to learn about American whiskey, music history, and taste through the pivotal moments of whiskey-making history in this country? Get in touch!

Take your event to the next level with a full-sensory tasting experience that activates all five senses!

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