I’ve decided to start something new this year, in anticipation of something pretty darn exciting, if you ask me. I can’t tell you what it is yet but every second blog post of the month will be one of our top “pairings” from our events. We’ve shared a few before, and we have dozens more that you’ll see on our blog in the weeks and months to come. For those who still wonder what the heck a music tasting is and why it’s the coolest thing to hit the events industry since (does sliced bread work here?)… read on and let us know what you think of our art of pairing wine, cheese, and/or chocolate to music. We’ll start out by listing the tasting elements of our pairing and then offer a brief pairing note to explain our choices.


Event Title: “A Journey of Gratitude.” We were delighted to offer a music tasting at a private home in a gorgeous penthouse apartment for a couple who were hosting an intimate social gathering for their dearest friends. Unfortunately, they had lost their vacation home in a fire, and this music tasting was a concert of thanks to their friends for all the support and love they had received during this difficult time.

After interviewing the couple, we decided to take the guests on a tour through Europe from North to South, starting in Finland with a song by Sibelius (the husband had served in Finland while in the Foreign Service) and ending in Tuscany (the couple’s favorite spot to vacation) with some opera favorites by request of our gracious hosts.

Music Selection: Flute Sonata in C Major, KV 14 (I. Allegro, II. Minuet)
Composer: W.A. Mozart
Wine selection: Meinklang Prose Frizzante Rosé 2011
Cheese: Sottocenere al Tartufo


Pairing statement: This flute concerto was one of Mozart’s earliest compositions, and you can hear both his innocence and genius throughout, as well as a hefty dose of cheekiness! This rosé is deeper in color than most, which yields stronger tannins and a more herbaceous quality but the Pinot Noir grape and the frizzante offer a flowery vibrancy that pair wonderfully with the harmonic frivolity and overall playfulness of this piece.

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