Kala Maxym visits Lake Arrowhead in the summer

Did you know that today is International Plastic Bag Free Day? Yup, neither did I (thanks to all those free content calendars floating around there that remind you of super important things like this day… and National Donut Day and National… French Fry Day and such!). In honor of this totally rad day I thought I’d post a picture of a beautifully plastic free Lake Arrowhead. What does this have to do with Five Senses Tastings, special events, wine tasting, or music? Well, I’ll tell you!

At Five Senses, we are about beauty in all its forms because we firmly believe that engaging with beauty and making a part of our lives is not a luxury but a necessity. Breathing clean air, tasting beautiful, fresh food, taking a sip of a yummy wine (or even one that isn’t so yummy), and treating your ears to beautiful music – all these things can increase your connection with your senses and, thereby, with the world around you. ⠀

Tangent from the whole plastic-bag-free-day-thing? Maybe a little. But it’s really all about being purposeful in everything we do. We hope you’ll join us on this magical tasting journey!

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