If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, you’re already ahead of the game. It’s not that most of us don’t like live music but have you really thought about why it matters? Presenting music live is a cornerstone of Five Senses Tastings’ vision and events, and so we wanted to share with you why we think it’s not only fun but vitally important.

  1. All music is live even when it’s recorded: Unless we’re talking about 100% electronically-produced sound, all music is, at its moment of creation, live. And even for that electronically-produced music, a human being was creating it. When we hear it, we are hearing a moment in time. That moment cannot be recreated.
  2. Let’s take that idea farther: no moment in time can ever be recreated. Isn’t it magical beyond words to be a part of that fleeting and wonderful moment when something comes to be? Even when a singer performs a song he or she has performed 1,000 times, each time it’s performed, it’s in some tiny little way different than every other time it’s been performed. We get to experience that moment of magic without any intrusion from technology.
  3. Live music brings people together. Cliché, perhaps, but true. If you’ve ever been to Madison Square Garden or the Hollywood Bowl, or the Central Park summer concert series, you know that it is far beyond a simple musical experience; it’s a shared human experience with all those around you.
  4. Performers want to be as close as possible to their audiences. The spontaneity of being in front of live crowd allows a performer to share what is in their mind and heart at that very moment, sharing their experiences with their fans, and creating intimacy that is simply not possible over the radio or Pandora.
  5. It’s fun. It just is! Simple as that.

We’d love to hear from you about your most memorable live music experience.

When and where was it?
Who did you see?
Why was it so memorable for you?

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