The five senses of the human body are truly extraordinary

Our five senses

Taste Touch Hearing Smell Sight

They are the instruments through which we interact with the world, sense pain, see danger, smell and taste those things that will keep us alive versus those that will poison us, and recognize the sounds of familiar people and places. I believe our senses can both detract from – and promote – our wellness. I believe that, when fully and purposefully engaged, our senses can lead us to a deeper connection with ourselves and those around us, yielding an increased sense of calm, heightened alertness and awareness, and even, yes, that ever-elusive feeling we are always seeking: happiness.

Switch off to switch on

I’ve started to think about what we do in different terms lately. If you read my account of this summer, you know that a lot of time was spent asking questions, rethinking how we do what we do, who it serves, and why it’s meaningful. What I came to understand in a deep way is that what makes our experiences truly unique and beautiful are just not the elements we pair but rather our ability to create a feeling of sensory wellness for the people we meet.

For me, this idea of full-sensory wellness means “switching off” to “switch on:” switching off the random, unspecific clutter of the outside world’s sensory stimuli and switching on the energy of our senses. It means allowing our senses to destress from the overload, reach a state of activated calm, and tune in more carefully to the stimuli with which they want – and may need – to interact. At Five Senses Tastings, we take this idea to heart. We take a completely, 100% bespoke approach to each of our tasting events.

Each element that you taste in our events – music, wine, food, sweet treats – are all customized to engage your mind, body, and heart in the story and the people around you while also encouraging a sense both of timelessness and activated calm. We truly believe that gifting your senses with purposeful pleasure throughout the day is a lasting way both to increase productivity and encourage calm.

Modern life can be pretty brutal these days, and it’s my hope that you will find some moments of softness and peace in your day by activating your senses in a meaningful and purposeful way as you go about your daily activities. Pick one sense day – or a week – and really focus on how that sense guides you through each day. Pay attention, notice, and let us know what you find out about yourself and the world around you.

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