Transformation is hard.

Transformation is hard

It takes persistence, openness, and, most of all, vulnerability. To be able to transform, you must recognize that where you are is not where you want to be in that moment, that it’s not the end-point of your journey.

Every little step on our path to becoming a better person, business owner, employee, lover, better friend, member of society is about transformation or, if you feel more comfortable with another word, change. But most of those moments of transformation are tiny shifts that happen over time, not huge life-changing moments. Sure those happen. I’ve had two. But that’s over more than 40 years… things change and shift for me daily.

But the idea of transformation is that we are led from a place of undesired identity or characteristic to desired identity or characteristic. 

We are led from apathy to engagement, from complacency to energy, from struggle to clarity. Being able to transform is a choice. It is a permission we give ourselves to become that better version of ourselves, that version that takes an extra 10 seconds to smell the roses outside the door into our office building, the version that touches their partner with intention before going to sleep at night, the version that continues to try those veggies they hate because they know it will do their body good, the version that gives their co-workers a specific compliment about their outfit (politely and not creepily, of course) to indicate that they have been truly seen, the version that stops to listen to the trees rustling overhead during their lunch break to make sure they have connected with nature today. The version that realizes that the information taken in through our five senses connects us on a profound level with the world and the people around us.

If you are in need of a shift, start commanding that transformation in the language you use with yourself. Give yourself the permission to be transformed, to shift, to change. Think of moving from where you are to where you want to be, or, in slightly more brutal terms and as my coach, Kimberly Spencer, would say, “from an undesired identity to a desired identity.”

This is something we strive to do in all of our events and in our interactions with our clients and guests. I’m not a coach or a therapist, of course, but the energy and power of our senses, when engaged actively and purposefully, allows us this freedom to see our world in a new light, in a more specific light, to understand in a powerfully physical way, how the small shifts can, indeed, create huge change over time.

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