A tale as old as time; sitting at that frighteningly loud, overcrowded sports bar. You’ve got the table of middle-aged men shouting “foul!” at the TV screen, youngsters cheering to life before tossing back a throat-burning shot of tequila, and worst of all, depressing music to add an extra edge of sorrow and annoyance to your already subpar day. To those of you nodding your heads ‘yes,’ I’m willing to bet that not only did you vehemently dislike the assortment of blaring sounds, but you also did not enjoy what you ordered. Perhaps it was tolerable, but you wouldn’t get it again, nor would it ever become a future craving. It’s not because you’re picky, it’s because our senses are tied closer together than we think. Further, our sense of taste and our sense of hearing work together during tasting experiences. Now, let’s talk about how sound affects the way we taste food, and if music makes food taste better. 

How Does Sound Affect the Way My Food Tastes?

As we just discovered, sound affects our perception of taste. Ever wonder why you can’t get enough of those Lays Potato Chips? That satisfying, immediate crunch is music to our ears. Believe it or not, the more pleased we are with how our food sounds, the more likely we are to enjoy it. We unconsciously determine the quality of our food after we hear the sound of the first bite we take. 

Better Marketing lays out a comprehensive list of important facts about the intersection of taste and sound:

“Loud sounds can enhance food textures (e.g. crispness, freshness, crunchiness) but diminish flavors like salty and sweet.

High Frequency sounds have been shown to increase our perception of sweet and salty.

Low frequency sounds, on the other hand, boost bitter and umami flavors.”

With these facts in mind, it’s time to talk about how music can improve, enhance, and elevate your tasting experience. Let’s dive into sonic seasoning. 

Sonic Seasoning

An interesting sounding concept, but what in the world is sonic seasoning? Friends, sonic seasoning is the art of pairing specific sounds with flavors to create a full sensory experience. Sound familiar? That’s because sonic seasoning is exactly what we do here at Five Senses Tastings. Each tasting experience with us is a beautiful intersection of music with wine, cheese, and chocolate tastings to promote full sensory engagement. 

“Our approach focuses on the one sense we often forget to remember – our sense of hearing – while incorporating taste, smell, sight, and touch as well.”

Kala Maxym, Founder of Five Senses Tastings

Private events with Five Senses Tastings are a feast for the senses

At Five Senses Tastings, we take special interest in how to give our clients the best sensory experience. This starts with pairing the right music with the right wines and foods. We often pair classical music with our sweeter wines and chocolates so you don’t miss out on any hidden flavors. The same goes for our more bitter, or “umami” wines; we make sure that the music you hear will make your tasting experience that much more enjoyable. 

Season Your Sonic!

Now, it’s time for you to embrace your inner sonic seasoner. Get out those cheat day treats, and begin your pairings. Start with your favorite foods, and then think of music to accompany them. Get creative and experiment to discover the kinds of music that enhance flavor. Want to experience a sonic seasoning journey with us? We’ve got you covered. Contact Us to book us for a full sensory tasting experience.

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