September 2022 Pre-Paired "One in the Can"



Over the last couple years, we’ve seen a lot of changes in terms of how wine is packaged. More and more bottles use screw caps (which by the way has absolutely nothing to do with quality), boxed wine isn’t universally gross, and canned wine has made a huge splash in the market (to the tune of about $235 million in 2021!)… so much so that even the likes of Joe Jonas is getting in on it. This month, we’re featuring three canned wine companies you need to know about – and that we can’t live without – as well as cheese and chocolate pairings, and, of course, a playlist of smash-hit singles to accompany your canned wine journey!

Let’s get One in the Can!

The best canned wines out there!

Before we get into our pairings, make sure you open up our custom curated playlist to play as you go!

September 2022 Pre-Paired Playlist –
“One in the Can “

Maker Wine: Women-owned, eco-conscious canned wine

Maker Wine and Five Senses Tastings partner together for a September musical wine tasting event
Maker Wine and Five Senses Tastings will be partnering for the September Music & Wine Tasting Club event

The Story: Award-winning wine for discerning palates and for the good of humankind drives the founders of Maker Wine. Kendra, Sarah, & Zoe highlight interesting varieties crafted by small producers. Added bonus: their “wine for one” is packaged in earth-conscious cans making it not only easy to carry and share but a feel-good way to consume delicious wines.

Why we love them: You mean besides the fact that it’s women-owned and eco-conscious? The fun, inviting packaging, and, of course, the fact that the wines are just absolutely exquisite, are more reasons to love them!

Current # of wines available: 16

Music Pairing: When Doug Fieger, lead vocalist of The Knack met Sharona, he said “I fell in love with her instantly” and wrote the song “My Sharona” in 15 minutes! We feel pretty confident you’ll feel the same about Maker so grab a can and prove us right.

Just Enough Wines with Five Senses Tastings
Just Enough Wines

Just Enough Wine – Women-owned

The Story: At Just Enough Wines, each wine is consciously crafted to meet the highest quality standards. From sourcing the grapes from premium vineyards to extensive testing, the company’s goal is to make quality wine more accessible for all to enjoy.

Why we love them: This is a new company, founded during November 2020. We love supporting small businesses in the early years and, of course, the fact that they’re a certified Women-Owned business doesn’t hurt either!

Current # of wines available: 6

Music Pairing: Like Just Enough Wines, which is quickly gaining a stellar reputation in the canned wine world, The Penguins’ Earth Angel gained unexpected and rapid popularity in the band’s home base of Southern California during the summer of 1955. This is the band’s only hit, and their demo is actually the song that went “viral” (or whatever the 50s version was!). A can of this is Just Enough to groove along to this nostalgic tune.

Archer Roose – Canned wine from around the world

Archer Roose – Canned wine from around the world

The Story: Archer Roose is dedicated to producing affordable luxury wines with minimal intervention from the most-renowned regions around the world. They foster personal relationships with small, adventurous winemakers who preserve terroir, and approach viticulture with craftsmanship and deep respect for the environment, producing their wines within 20 miles of their harvest location before bringing them to you.

Why we love them: It is hard to find canned wine made outside of California until now! These wines are European, baby, and we’re excited to share them with you!

Current # of wines available: 6

Music Pairing: Whether you’ve heard it at a football game, a car commercial, or in a concert hall, we all know this piece. Carmina Burana by German composer Carl Orff is a choral masterpiece and the perfect musical pairing for this internationally-inspired canned wine experience.

Wilde Weide Gouda

Wilde Weide Gouda

We’ve chosen the Wilde Weide (“wild meadow” in Dutch) Gouda as our pairing for this month. It’s produced on a 300 year old organic farm on a lake island (Lake Zwanburgerpolder) in southern Holland.

It opens with the scent of flowers and herbs, leading wonderfully to layered tasting notes of hazelnut, butter, whey, and sweet bourbon. Texturally this cheese is magical, crumbling info fine fragments before melting completely into a long, satisfying finish.


Chokolatta – Truffles and coffee

Chokolatta is owned by Founders Andrea & Oscar, who created the perfect blend between two cultures by bringing their passions – Andrea’s love of local Mexican ingredients and Oscar’s pure love for Guatemalan coffee – together. Their loving relationship is what makes Chokolatta’s ambiance so cozy and welcoming because at the end of the day, they want to make you feel like family. Chokolatta was our April 2021 Music & Wine Tasting Club chocolate partner

That’s it for this time around! We hope you love these canned wine, cheese, and chocolate selections, and of course our playlist to accompany our yummy treats!

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We’ll see you next month!

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