Two years ago, our world was completely flipped upside down. The world we once knew (what […]
Diane von Furstenberg and Five Senses Tastings
It was the start of my life here, and is certainly one of the most elegant “firsts” I’ve ever had the privilege of experiencing.
Our environment shapes our perception and our experience, and our sensory preferences. Here at Five Senses Tastings we explore that in depth.
Our unique approach to event composition is known as Sensory Wellness
Here’s our guide on building lasting partnerships and maintaining them so that they are not just functional, but inspiring and enduring.
Whether I introduce what I do as “sensory storytelling,” “musical wine tasting,” “wine and chocolate tasting,” […]
I try to be as transparent as I can always about my experiences as an entrepreneur […]
I did my first on-camera interview this past Tuesday for Business Rockstars. Prior to the interview, […]