Diane von Furstenberg and Five Senses Tastings
It was the start of my life here, and is certainly one of the most elegant “firsts” I’ve ever had the privilege of experiencing.
The Concept of home
Five years ago this week, I left the rented room in Richmond, California that I had been living in for the past seven months, packed my couple suitcases and my two very vocal cats, and got in the car with my mom to drive down to Los Angeles.
Last week, Song & Tonic, our cocktail branch, had the opportunity to work with one of […]
Oscar de la Renta, a luxury fashion house known for sumptuous colors and fabrics, and innovative […]
Five Senses Tastings is thrilled to be partnering once again with our friends over at V […]
As a thank you to all those who stopped by our booth at BizBash, we created […]
Well, we did it! Five Senses Tastings was on camera for the very first time, and […]
The Oakland Symphony
Though I’ve been in Los Angeles now almost seven months (yeah, ok, so it’s not very […]
Last night we presented a music and wine tasting for a few ladies from The Amplify […]
I’m sorry… did you say pairing music to clothes? What are we talking about? I attended […]
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