The 10 Commandments of Dinner Parties (from an anxious hostess)
Through the multiple high-anxiety, ultra chaotic dinner parties I have under my belt, I have discovered 10 commandments to make dinner parties less chaotic for any anxious hostess. 
I grew up in Germany, and my upbringing and love of the German language has never […]
What makes a special occasion, well, special? Usually, it means fishing out that stellar-yet-blistering pair of […]
As a thank you to all those who stopped by our booth at BizBash, we created […]
The Oakland Symphony
Though I’ve been in Los Angeles now almost seven months (yeah, ok, so it’s not very […]
Wine and music pairing for the first snow
Here at Five Senses Tastings, the coming of cold weather brings to mind blazing fires and warming red wines. Never mind that it's still 75 degrees here in Los Angeles, we can all start dreaming about winter wonderlands!