Transformation is hard. It takes persistence, openness, and, most of all, vulnerability. To be able to […]
Even as I write that, I think, “How ridiculous” – how am I supposed to limit […]
I’m sorry, did I hear your right? I’m sure I did and the reason I know […]
So, apathy might not be the most positive sounding thing to be thinking about a few […]
This past year, I’ve started to think about our five senses in some new ways. Of […]
It can be very tempting to coast through the holiday season to the end of the […]
As a solopreneur, one of the most important things you can hope to solidify in your […]
The five senses of the human body are truly extraordinary Taste Touch Hearing Smell Sight They […]
I’ve always been pretty good at accents. From a young age, I would listen to and […]
I just saw the first Halloween decorations in my neighborhood this morning. It’s not even OCTOBER! […]