December Music & Wine Tasting Club Event with Five Senses Tastings Full Package
For our "Last Hurrah," we're exploring three different sparkling wines as well as cheeses from our dear friends at Bklyn Larder and chocolates from woman-owned company, MECHA Chocolate, based in New Jersey.
Maker Wine partners with Five Senses Tastings for a musical wine tasting event
We're excited to bring you a very special event for our September 2022 Music & Wine Tasting Club! We're partnering this month with Maker Wine, a woman-owned canned wine company, in fact, they're the highest rated canned wine with 6 Gold Medals and counting at competitions like Sunset Mag International Wine Competition, Press Democrat North Coast Challenge, and NY Int’l Wine Competition.
A tale as old as time; sitting at that frighteningly loud, overcrowded sports bar. You’ve got […]
5 steps to a perfect ASMR chocolate experience
Chocolate… a perfect pairing with wine, but certainly delicious all on its own. How could such […]
Virtual Events World at Five Senses Tastings
Have you ever wanted to host your own wine tasting event but didn’t know where to […]
Our multi-sensory Sensual Pleasure Workshop combines the science and art of sensuality and the five senses to encourage you to experience pleasure – whether on your own or with a partner – through the careful pairing of wine, chocolate.
Spirit Animals - November 2021 Music & Wine Tasting Club
Our November 2021 Music & Wine Tasting Club partners with Spirit Horse Vineyards. "Spirit Animals" explores the magic and power of the earth, water, and air through three animals and three wines.
"East to West" October 2021 Music & Wine Tasting Club event
Our October 2021 Music & Wine Tasting Club is the second in our series as we head "East to West" with wines from The Urban Grape, cheeses from Bklyn Larder, and chocolate treats from our new partner, Moonstruck Chocolate Co. based in Portland, OR. If you missed last month's event, you can still buy the full wine package at the discounted price by clicking here.
North to South, the first in our two-part series for September and October's Music & Wine Tasting Club
o South..." with "East to West" coming in October! Our wine partner for August is The Urban Grape, our cheese partner is, as always, Bklyn Larder, and our sweet treats are from our dear friends Eliza and Erlé at Farmhouse Chocolates. You may remember we tried some of their delicious chocolate truffles in our June 2020 Tasting Club Event! And also their cows Zoom-bombed our call. Yup, for real, that happened.
Babeland and Five Senses Tastings are excited to present a full-sensory educational workshop that combines the science and art of the five senses to encourage you to experience pleasure with all your five senses… yes, all five of them.