As someone who works with and in music every day, many of my friends and colleagues are surprised to learn that my favorite music in the world is actually silence. No, I didn’t say my favorite sound is silence. I said my favorite music is silence. Why?
The Concept of home
Five years ago this week, I left the rented room in Richmond, California that I had been living in for the past seven months, packed my couple suitcases and my two very vocal cats, and got in the car with my mom to drive down to Los Angeles.
rab your “Palate Passport” and join us for a fun, interactive, and educational musical wine tasting journey that takes us “Around the world in 80 minutes!” Choose from 3 different stops around the world. A hand-selected bottle of wine from each selected region will be sent to guests along with cheeses and chocolates to match. The pairings are brought together in full-sensory harmony by carefully chosen musical selections to reflect the essence and personality of each tasting element. The event includes fun trivia, maps, pictures, and stories to guide our journey around the world, and we’ll join together on Zoom for an exciting, tasty, and joy-filled experience that activates all your five senses! AMD have chosen Argentina, Italy, and the United States (CA) for their journey.
Our unique approach to event composition is known as Sensory Wellness
Here’s our guide on building lasting partnerships and maintaining them so that they are not just functional, but inspiring and enduring.
A good friend was recently hired to sing at an upscale dinner for a small group […]