The 10 Commandments of Dinner Parties (from an anxious hostess)
Through the multiple high-anxiety, ultra chaotic dinner parties I have under my belt, I have discovered 10 commandments to make dinner parties less chaotic for any anxious hostess. 
Diane von Furstenberg and Five Senses Tastings
It was the start of my life here, and is certainly one of the most elegant “firsts” I’ve ever had the privilege of experiencing.
Tropical fruits, peaches, and citrus comprise the flavorful identity of the 2015 Apegadas White Douro. Angeleno […]
This past year, I’ve started to think about our five senses in some new ways. Of […]
Leonard Cohen used to start his concerts with the song, “Bird on the Wire,” saying it […]
Certainly not us! Bach’s duet n°2: “Wir eilen mit schwachen, doch emsigen Schritten” from his Cantata […]
I kind of stumbled into wine. My first real exposure to wine was while I was […]
Those who know me are familiar with the quick story I’m about to tell because it’s […]
When you go into a wine shop on a Friday looking for a bottle to end […]
Now more than ever we need beauty
I am consistently unamazed at how much more people talk about experiences than things. According to […]