It’s not just a tasting.
It’s a vibe.

Wine PB & J is a new take on
corporate gifting, offering you wine, pairings, and “jams” to get your groove on.
(oh, and chocolate, too, because… who doesn’t love chocolate?)

Give the experience without having to host.

Get the experience without having to go.

Does that mean we don’t love being together? Of course not! But this Holiday season, we want to encourage you to try something different when considering a corporate gift.

Treat your team, partners, clients, and friends to our exclusive self-guided Wine Pairing in a Box & “Jams” – a beautifully customized box of three hand-selected wines , artisan chocolate treats, and a curated playlist – that takes you on a tasting journey around the world… without a pat-down from the TSA!

Our Wine PB&J allows you to unwind in the comfort of your own home and “switch off to switch on” during the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season.

Let’s be honest: corporate gifts can be boring and generic. Think of our “Wine PB&J” as a boozy version of the classic comfort food and a fun, memorable, and super tasty way to say thanks to your employees, partners, clients, and friends for another great year!

Holiday cheer never tasted – and sounded – so good!

Start exploring your
Wine Pairings in a Box (& Jams)
corporate gifting options today!

Gift Pricing: $150/box

Includes three hand-selected full bottles (750ml) of wine from around the world and a selection of artisan chocolate truffles.

Taxes and shipping to the continental United States are included.

Additional Add Ons

Need additional truffles, cheese, popcorn, a customized video, or a live guided tasting from Five Senses Tastings?

Take your event to the next level with a full-sensory tasting experience that takes your guests around the world and activates all five senses!

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